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Paul Lloyd Warner (PLW) ”A Poet in Love with the Piano,” is a renowned composer in the fields of music for the environment, education, healing, relaxation, meditation and more. He is a pioneer of 20th/21st century piano music, New Age Classical, Electronic, Instrumental and Symphonic music, and the first person to play LIVE piano to Humpback Whales at sea.

However, once he relocated to San Francisco in 1983, within a few years he began to exhibit his music in fairs and festivals throughout the western United States.  In 1990, Paul was so inspired by the people he met, he started to explore new places to make music off-road, into the wilderness where his keyboards and recording equipment traveled with him.


PLW is a highly evolved artist and distinguished in music, writing, photography and the electronic arts. His music is favored by many loyal and devoted fans globally and is considered by many people to be one of the finest composers living in the world today. He has recorded, engineered and produced hundreds of hours of his own original music since the 1970s and for over 70 years, Paul’s mission has been to help find peace and heal the mind body and soul.

Born 1938 and classically trained in the piano since age 7. Young PLW studied that instrument formally and continuously from childhood through his university years, where at UCLA he majored in English Literature. His graduate work brought him to Florence, Italy where he studied Italian Renaissance Art History and taught English to adult Italian students.


Above: Artists Interpretation of PLW Playing Piano for Whales off the Coast of Maui, Hawaii

Later, in 1976, while living in Maui Hawaii, Paul was asked by an independent film producer to discover if whales would respond to music. A white grand piano was put aboard a 72’ sailboat for the filming.  After the whales were sited, the technical team dropped underwater speakers so that the whales could hear the piano music and magically, they came around the boat, swimming and squealing,  doing large somersaults under the boat. Truly, one of the greatest moments in PLW's career

Paul was so moved by this experience that he made the decision to write a book about the Whales. Not knowing what to write, PLW took the next three years to  undertake a deep-dive study to learn all about these magnificent beings of the sea. Paul used the Graduate Library at the University of Hawaii to read just about every book ever written about Whales. PLW studied Cetacean history on our planet from the last 60 million years to the present day. Every field was covered: Biology and the physical development of each of the eight classifications of Whales, Cetacean Anthropology, the history of whaling and the many products made from the bodies of whales such as oil, perfume, and women’s undergarments.

After assimilating all this knowledge in hand-written notebooks, Paul was suddenly thunderstruck with an idea to write his book from the Whale’s point-of-view.  This is the short story of how THE ORACLE OF WHALES came into being.  The book was written between 1979 and 1982.


In 1983, Paul relocated to San Francisco, then to Santa Cruz the following year.  There he set up the business of distributing his music in the United States by direct public sales.  He also designed THE ORACLE OF WHALES and typeset it with a young Univesity of California student named Edward Mitchell.  They printed and bound the book whereupon PLW sold it, along with his music, at the art shows and fairs he attended every week.

In 1990 PLW purchased a 37’ Winnebago. He then met up with his new traveling marketing partner, Arion Jay Goodwin (AJ). They converted the motor home into a mobile recording studio and throughout the 1990’s, they traveled across the western United States where PLW was inspired to compose and record many hours of electronic piano and symphonic instrumental music on multiple keyboards.

This was a dream come true where one man could compose, conduct, engineer and play all the instruments of the orchestra, all in one sitting without any mixing, multi-tracking, sequencing, over-dubbing or any gimmicks what-so-ever. The music was recorded just like you would hear an orchestra and to top it off, these performances were recorded "LIVE" from many beautiful sites during their travels, including Grand Canyon, Sedona, Zion, the Grand Tetons, the deserts and coastline of California to the Great Northwest of Oregon and Washington.


With these new fresh digital recordings inspired by nature, they were then put into individual and packaged collector sets of tapes and CDs where PLW, AJ and street team ambassadors sold tens of thousands of units at prestigious art shows, festivals, trade shows and many fairs. Now with the digital downloads and streaming technologies, to date Paul Lloyd Warner’s music has sold well over 1 Million copies.

ConcertGrandPiano-AdobeStock_32996928-C“When I go out into nature and experience breathtaking beauty all around me, I feel a greater depth and strong emotion. Sometimes my experience makes me feel as though the music is playing through me.”

Paul is now dedicating his life to creating music collections for peace, education and healing, publishing his books of poetry and prose and later working on a series of films from whales and dolphins to stars.

Most recently, Paul partnered with scientists to conduct a study that will identify the effect that different sound patterns of his compositions have for healing.

PLW’s music and writings are Powerful, Evocative, Beautiful and Revolutionary. Through years of study, PLW possesses a prodigious piano technique for the music and art he creates. What is noticeable about Paul Lloyd Warner‘s Waterfall Music style, is the incredible speed of notes...executed with such flawless clarity, one begins to actually see, feel and hear poetry rippling through his music.











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