Yosemite Falls in the Sierr Nevada  Mountins of Californi

Born in the last decade of the 20th century, a new style of music has emerged in the works of Paul Lloyd Warner (PLW). Composed and recorded “LIVE” in nature, PLW’s Waterfall Music style has rippled into genres known as Contemporary Classical, Progressive Classical, New Classical, New Age, Educational, Spa and Healing music.

Paul Lloyd Warner’s music is a blend of Western and Asian influences integrating body, mind and soul into the listening experience. PLW’s music is a gateway to peace, higher learning and spiritual healing. His music is blessed with glorious melodies and harmonies, often complex and beautifully uplifting, sometimes mind-boggling and often romantic.

WATERFALLS, Symphonic Suite No. 3., Composed and Performed by  Paul Lloyd Warner

PLW’s music integrates body, mind and soul into the listener’s experience. With Western and Asian influences, PLW’s music is a gateway to peace, higher learning and spiritual healing.

The Grand Canyon where some of this music was recorded.

Powerful, Evocative and Revolutionary, this is music from the heart of a poet in love with the piano.  Paul Lloyd Warner’s Waterfall Music is deeply felt and imbued with the soul of humanity. It restructures and renews. Listeners can easily imagine the scenery where the artist is recording in.  Imagine what it feels like to be performing at the edge of the Grand Canyon just before sundown as the colors in the canyons glow brightly in luminous light.

What was it like to record in the wilderness at that awesome moment?  How inspiring was that and what was the artist feeling as the glorious scene unfolded?  How did it impact him?  Was the magnificent scenery of sundown in the Grand Canyon making itself beautiful to the soul of an artist or was PLW feeling the beauty with all his heart, and putting this into his playing?
The music stands on its own.  Please ENJOY.

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